Established in 2002 and headquartered in New York City, Triton Construction stands as a premier general construction, construction management, and consulting firm. Built on a foundation of quality, experience, impeccable references, and top-tier staffing and services, Triton Construction has decades of combined industry experience. With $10 billion in completed construction projects, they’re adept at providing creative, proactive, and effective solutions tailored to their clients’ needs.

"The software trial at one of our sites proved so successful, we felt confident to roll it out across all our projects. It's not just user-friendly, it's a game-changer in maintaining compliance and managing risk."

Paul Meli
Vice President of Construction Safety & Risk Management at Triton Construction


As a front-runner in construction management, Triton Construction encountered a prevalent yet formidable challenge common in the industry: handling the extensive paperwork and documentation required for safety and compliance across multiple job sites. Maintaining rigorous safety standards with subcontractors and workers, and managing the creation, review, and authentication of critical safety compliance documents and paperwork had become an overwhelming and incredibly time-consuming endeavor. The scale and complexity of these tasks threatened to impede the efficient operation of their projects.


By incorporating SafetyClerk, the leading cloud-based platform designed to streamline safety and compliance, Triton Construction significantly revolutionized their protocols. After a successful pilot with SafetyClerk at the Marymount School of New York project, Triton Construction recognized the platform’s importance and value and decided to implement it across all their projects. This digital transformation touched all aspects of safety and compliance processes, including Job Site Orientations, Toolbox Talks, Subcontractor Pre-Shift Meeting Logs with Job Hazard Analysis, and various daily logs for Site Safety Managers, Superintendents, and Fire Safety Managers, among others. Beyond document management, SafetyClerk facilitated the tracking of non-compliance issues, enhancing project oversight, boosting Triton’s overall operational efficiency, and fortifying their commitment to elevated safety standards.


SafetyClerk’s implementation has brought about considerable improvements in Triton Construction’s safety and compliance operations. The company witnessed a substantial reduction in the resources and time dedicated to safety paperwork, accompanied by an appreciable surge in quality standards. The company replaced traditional, labor-intensive tasks such as scanning, printing, and securing signatures with a simplified, digital process: workers can now seamlessly review and digitally sign documents straight from their mobile devices. SafetyClerk’s transparent and well-organized system brings significant advantages to Triton Construction. All safety-related documents are easily accessible and systematically stored for swift information retrieval. This feature not only optimizes efficiency but also empowers Triton Construction to demonstrate their robust commitment to safety to their workforce, clients, and insurance providers.