Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch plans after I sign up?

Yes, we built our pricing to be the most flexible as possible. If you start with a Standard plan and later you realize you need more features, you can seamlessly upgrade to Advanced or Professional. Similarly, if you realized you signed up for a plan that you don’t use at full extend, you can scale it down to another plan. Plan changes will start from the next subscription period.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can decide to cancel your subscription anytime. When the current subscription period expires, you will not be able to perform new task on your project (e.g., perform new Orientation or upload a Toolbox Talk) but you will still be able to access all your project data for 3 more months. This will allow you to download and/or print any information or file you might want to keep.

What happened if I've signed up for a yearly plan and I complete my project before the end of the subscription?

All our plans can be moved to other projects. If you finish a project before your subscription ends, you can start using SafetyClerk on a new job for no additional cost.

What happens if I pass my plan text allowance?

The allowance of text messages we’ve included in each license type is the double of the average use we’ve projected for each plan. Meaning, you should not easily pass the allowance. But if you do, don’t sweat. Any additional 500/text/month package would be only an additional $15/month.

How many users can I invite into a project?

You can invite an unlimited number of user without worrying about costs. Flat fee.

Are there any other fees?

No. You only pay for the plan you’ve selected. No other hidden fees and you can cancel anytime!