Experience unparalleled security and compliance with our advanced access control systems, tailored to blend seamlessly into your existing site infrastructure. Whether you’re implementing turnstile solutions or require a straightforward swipe in/swipe out setup, our systems connect effortlessly with a variety of access control options, ensuring your job site remains secure, compliant, and efficiently managed.

  • Qualify Site Access: Ensure that every individual on your job site meets rigorous safety and compliance requirements.
  • Reduce Risks and Costs: Mitigate the risk of regulatory fines and reduce insurance premiums by enforcing strict compliance measures across your job site.
  • Easy Use: Our system directly integrates with SST cards in NYC, enabling smooth operations and effortless compliance.
  • Time Tracking & Data Management: Track worker attendance in real-time, verify hours with precision, and generate insightful reports that provide a deeper understanding of your job site dynamics.

How Construction Access Control Works

Installation & Integration
Seamlessly install our access control hardware and integrate it into existing turnstiles, doors, or use as a standalone device. Our flexible system supports various hardware setups, ensuring it fits perfectly with your site requirements.
Worker Compliance Verification
Automatically verify each worker's credentials upon entry and enforce compliance with site safety protocols and legal standards. The system ensures only qualified and authorized personnel access the site, while alerting management to any unauthorized access attempts or discrepancies in compliance.
Data Monitoring and Analytics
Monitor, record, and analyze entry and exit times, attendance, and compliance in real-time. Our system provides powerful reporting tools, enabling you to generate detailed reports on worker attendance, site access trends, and overall compliance, assisting stakeholders in making informed decisions and improving operational efficiency.