Indiana Brings Speed Cameras to Highway Construction Areas

Governor Eric Holcomb has signed a new highway safety bill into law, initiating a pilot program to install speed detection cameras in work zones across Indiana. The move aims to enhance safety and decrease the number of accidents and fatalities in these zones.

Eighteen states currently employ speed detection cameras in their work zones. Based on Federal Highway Administration statistics, 956 lives were tragically lost in work zone accidents across the nation in 2021. By introducing this technology, Indiana joins the effort to curb these numbers.

The implemented cameras will photograph the license plates of drivers exceeding the speed limit by at least 11 miles per hour. A ticket will be dispatched to the vehicle registration's listed address. First-time offenders will receive a warning, while a second offense will carry a $75 fine. Any subsequent offenses will attract a $150 fine.

This legislation, aimed at enhancing the safety of all Hoosiers, is the culmination of the diligent efforts of many Indiana leaders. In drafting the legislation, they've collaborated with critical stakeholders such as Indiana Constructors Inc., representing over 200 Indiana construction companies, the Indiana Laborers' District Council, representing over 13,000 Indiana workers, and the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Business Manager and Secretary-Treasurer of the Indiana Laborers' District Council, Brian Short, expressed pride in the new legislation, saying, "It has been a long time coming and was a team effort by everyone involved. We believe this will create a much safer work environment for our members, as well as drivers traveling through work zones."

According to bill sponsor, Sen. Jon Ford, Indiana has witnessed a distressing increase in worksite fatalities and injuries. State and federal transportation data reveal that in 2019, Indiana registered 15 deaths, 824 injuries, and roughly 2,800 crashes in worksites. By 2022, these figures escalated to 31 fatalities, 1,426 injuries, and more than 7,000 crashes in Indiana work zones.

This pilot program signals a proactive move by the state of Indiana to combat the rising numbers of work zone accidents, injuries, and fatalities. As drivers familiarize themselves with the new fines for speeding in a work zone on Indiana highways, it is hoped that these measures will bring about a substantial reduction in work zone incidents and enhance safety for all road users.